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Welcome to the Wedding Albums page: browse and get excited watching the day of the spouses who preceded you.
Our services have been performed in the
most prestigious receptions and Wedding villas in Brescia, Bergamo, Milan.

Camilla & Ivan | Wedding Album | Location Villa Valenca (BS)

Laura & Elena| Wedding Album|location Villa Valenca

Camilla & Ivan | Wedding AlbumLocation  Villa Valenca (BS)

Debora & Luca |Wedding Album| location La Cavallina

Laura & Matteo | Wedding Album | Castello di San Lorenzo

Laura & Elena| Wedding Album | location Villa Valenca

Anna & Michael | Wedding Album | location La Cavallina

Chiara & Ronny | Wedding album|location Villa Zaccaria

Elena & Luca | Wedding album| location Villa Baiana

mariagrazia & Amedeo|Wedding album|location Carlo Magno

silvia & Stefano | Wedding album| location Villa Avanzi

Elena & Luca | Wedding album| location Locanda Armonia

Alessia & Alberto | wedding album| La Rocca Di Rodengo

Chiara & Nicola | Wedding album|location Le Cantorie

francesca & Gabriele | Wedding album| Villa Valenca

Chiara & Adelmo | Wedding album|location Pio Nono

narina & simone  | Wedding album|location Villa Avanzi

Marianna & Alex | Wedding album| location Villa Zaccaria