Elena & Fabio

We met Morris through a mutual friend, met him and immediately made a good impression. He is really professional and super helpful, as well as a great photographer, but his best quality is that he makes you feel comfortable, with him you can put away the "photographer" thought because he takes care of everything and works with advanced equipment that is always on the cutting edge. He is very quick in delivering the material and his staff members are also very competent professionals. We are really satisfied with the photo/video and drone service, we couldn't ask for better! Another positive note is that, unlike other photographers, he does not have set times for the end of the service, with us they stayed until 10:30 pm, from 08 am! Also, the "love session" done a few months before the wedding is proof of how professional he is and loves his work. All that remains is to say. Thank you Morris! Elena&Fabio

Deborah e Andrea

When you work and put your heart and love for what you do first, the result can only be sensational, Morris is just that! An artist of great professionalism, who would bend over backwards to meet all your expectations! He offers a very special service, starting with a pre-wedding photo book that is very important for him because he gets to know you, .and very fun for the bride and groom who will be left with a wonderful memory of that day dedicated only to them!
He and his staff on the wedding day were sensational, great at capturing every moment, and for those like us, not used to flashes they were able to put us completely at ease, and between shots and laughter, what can I say came a masterpiece!
Another service he offers are the shots from above with the drone, which when the video was edited gave a very scenic, film-like touch! Once the photos were chosen, in a very short time he created a stunning album and a goosebump video, every time we watch it again the tear drops! What can I say, thank you from the bottom of my heart Morris for all the time, effort and heart you put in. Besides becoming our trusted photographer, you have become a friend! Morris is a guarantee! Highly recommended to all newlyweds!

Alessandro e Ylenia

It has been almost 3 months since my wedding but I have to admit that the more I look at the pictures the more excited I get. If I may I would like to give a piece of advice to the girls reading this review( save on what you want but not on the photographer) because I am realizing that that day flies by and what you will be left with will be the photos/videos that just looking at them will bring back a thousand emotions in your mind. I am extremely satisfied with the work done by Morris. Before the wedding with the pre-wedding work,during the reception (he did not mind the time and was with us all day until the end, he is his staff), and in the end and not least the choice photos, for the album (he left us plenty of time to look and choose giving us some pointers on some of course everyone has their own work and his advice is valuable )! Since I chose morris more than a year ago he seemed to me a golden guy with a good and kind character, he tries to please everyone and is always available, now I consider him a friend because a beautiful relationship has been established, he put us at ease from the beginning and even to take photos (for those who nn like poses) he knows how to do his job, you will not be you to do stunts for beautiful photos but rather he who to shoot even a look from above climbs everywhere! The drone we had it always thanks to him because it is a service that in addition you can have, well what to say photo shoot divine! See my photo reportage to evaluate! Morris thank you! Yle and Ale!

Morris turned out to be the best possible choice!
Not only was he an excellent professional, but he also turned out to be a wonderful helpful and easygoing person. The pre-wedding service was a lot of fun for us and the photos are stunning! 
He was with us from start to finish, never intrusive and kind to all the guests.
And we got the album in record time! The colors gorgeous, the shots at the perfect moments, and he even managed to make my wife feel comfortable, before we met Morris she was terrified of photos! And reviewing the chosen photos was a beautiful emotion! Like seeing our album next to the two identical little ones made for the parents is something different from the usual, not the usual albums made with discarded photos! plus we also have all the other photos on flash drive.
In short, Morris not only knows how to do his job excellently but has turned out to be a very good friend!

Morris is a bit like the Kenshiro Yuza of photographers, free as a cloud, a volcano of ideas and "creatively" crazy. From the very first contact he makes you feel at ease, so much so that you feel like you are dealing with a long-time friend. We were unable to do the pre-wedding shoot due to an inconvenience, but despite this on the wedding day first at home and then during the rest of the day, Morris made us feel like "professional models." Quick and agile in some moments to catch on the fly the shots to be immortalized, invisible in others to steal glances and unique moments up to the photos at his direction to create artistic scenes that he has already imagined in his mind. When we returned from our honeymoon we chose the photos for the album which he then combined, arranging them either with his "artistic" effects or leaving them natural without retouching (which he eventually knows how to do just as well), then he created the videos with the background music we gave him. Result all fantastic and at the end he also delivered to us all the photos taken and all the videos. Morris you are the best!

After reading many positive reviews on, we decided to contact Morris and meet him. He immediately impressed us. You can see from the very beginning that he puts a lot of passion into his work and the result can be seen in the beautiful photos he takes. He is tireless and always tries to accommodate every request. During the pre-wedding he immediately managed to put us at ease in front of the lens. During the wedding, he managed to capture every single second without ever being intrusive and was with us from the beginning until the end, without any time problems. Superfast with the delivery of the shots.

Morris is fantastic. He is professional, knowledgeable, dynamic and super nice. When we first walked into his studio, he immediately put us at ease, asked us questions to understand from the very first moment what our idea and style was; after that, he showed us examples and fully captured what we wanted. We knew right away that he would fulfill our every request, and he did: the result was a masterpiece! Morris gets in tune with you and tries to meet your needs. What impressed us most is how much love he pours into what he does; he really puts his heart, soul and all of himself into the work, which for him is true passion. I recommend pop art studio to everyone, Morris will amaze you as he did us!!! Thank you Morris you are the best!!!

What to say about Morris except that he is quality made in person? He is not only a pleasant professional, but a golden guy! He went along with every request, guests were amazed at how quick and perfect he was at capturing the best moments! Never intrusive but present in every situation! He was with us from the set-up until late in the evening, both he and his collaborator Paul (another excellent professional but I was sure of it since he works closely with Morris) and both very kind and nice to everyone!