Why to choose Innamorati

Innamorati Wedding Studio, winner of the award for the best wedding suppliers for eight consecutive years.

Our staff offers numerous solutions for professional photos and videos, designed and perfected each time by responding to the requests of all different types of spouses and weddings.


Innamorati Wedding Studio was born from the experience of Photo Studio Pop art which since 1968 has been able to distinguish itself in the field of photographic services, videos and professional attention with creativity and absolute availability for weddings.


Innamorati Wedding Studio

Delivery of the Files

after the choice in studio

We take more than 2500 photos at each wedding.
Delivery is made by USB key or hard disk.

The delivery of the photographs takes place after 15 days and not on balance. So that we don't have to renounce sending your photos of relatives and friends while waiting for the creation of the album.


  • Pre Matrimonio Brescia
  • Love session Brescia
  • Pre Matrimonio a Brescia
  • Amore,Love Session
  • Love session Brescia
  • Amore,Love Session
  • Foto Prematrimonio
  • Pre Matrimonio

Free Love Session
before marriage

The concept of Love Session originated in America represents the contact, before the wedding, of the future spouses with the photographer. We were inspired by this type of approach because it's a fundamental moment to immediately create the understanding and complicity to prepare for the actual wedding day.


  • Foto Matrimonio reportage
  • Brescia Bei e Xi amici.jpg
  • Almenno san Alessandro Matrimonio Civile
  • Fondaco dei Mercanti, wedding, sposi
  • IWSS6579.jpg
  • Fotografo Matrimonio Brescia
  • Fondaco dei Mercanti Matrimoni
  • Calcio Fuochi By Innamorati
  • kiss and love
  • Foto Sposi Verona
  • Fondaco dei Mercanti Festa
  • Le Vacherie Wedding Photography (121).jpg
  • Bagnatica Sposi By Innamorati
  • Foto Castelcovati sposa by Innamorati
  • Matrimonio
  • Due Roccoli Immagine
  • Fondaco dei Mercanti Sposi
  • La Rocca di Rodengo by Innamorati Wedding Studio (39).jpg

Posed photo or natural shot ... What changes?

The skill of a photographer is precisely that of being able to capture the perfect moment, in which the joy, love and all the feelings of the spouses can be captured in a photo shoot.

The Innamorati studio lends itself to support you for all the time required, avoiding unpleasant moments where the photographer closes the service at the moments of the dances or in the funniest moments of the wedding.



  • Ritocco Fotografico
  • Ritocco Fotografico
  • Ritocco prima
  • Ritocco dopo
  • Ritocchi
  • album matrimoniali
  • immagine-wedding-post-produzione.jpg
  • Immagine-Wedding.jpg
  • Ritocco Fotografico
  • Ritocco fotografico

Retouching of blemishes and imperfections!

Another service we offer and recommend is the

retouching of temporary imperfections.
When an unexpected event occurs in a photo, a detail that has not been calculated, the studio provides the art of
photographic retouching that is never banal or obvious.

With the skill of the photographers, we will be able to better fix every unwanted detail, without ever taking anything away from the naturalness of the image.

  • album matrimoniali milano
  • album matrimoniali Rovato
  • album matrimoniali
  • album matrimoniali Milano
  • esempi album matrimoni Cremona

Digital Book Album

Creativity, experience and use of professional softwares,
guarantees us to every couple of future spouses a product
new and unique.
Our style is focused on the definition and originality of the product but this does not take away the possibility of creating, with the same professionalism, even much simpler albums, with only photographs and without adding advanced compositing graphics.

  • matrimonio-drone_2018-10-11-14-45-30.jpg
  • ORIGINALE.00_23_54_11.Immagine027.jpg
  • Colore Video 2019 (1).jpg
  • Innamorati (1).jpg
  • Colore Video 2019 (6).jpg
  • Foto sposi, ritocco, wedding
  • ORIGINALE.00_00_57_36.Immagine010.jpg
  • Post produzione chiesa prima e dopo
  • Foto sposi, ritocco, colore video, wedding
  • Colore Video 2019 (3).jpg
  • Colore Video 2019 (5).jpg
  • Wedding Gardone Riviera
  • Colore Video 2019 (2).jpg
  • ORIGINALE.00_03_32_40.Immagine013.jpg

Your special day

Produced like a Film.

For the newlyweds who are not satisfied with a wedding film, short and without many emotions, Innamorati Wedding Studio has created its own particular style, the result of the experience in 23 years of generations of spouses. The combination of perseverance, creativity and professionalism that distinguishes us is perfectly "married" to the creation of the wedding video, like a real big screen film.


  • Prima e dopo
  • Post Produzione Matrimonio
  • foto Matrimonio prima e dopo
  • Fotografia Matrimonio 2023
  • Restauro
  • Restauro dopo
  • ritocco-1.jpg
  • Ritocco-finale.jpg
  • weddingRetouch.jpg
  • Wedding-Retouch photo.jpg

Digital Retouch

There is no limit to what you can create in photography and digital graphics. Our staff, made up of graphic designers specialized in wedding photography, bring their ability and graphic knowledge in dealing with small or possible problems during the process.

With the technological support for the selected images,
Advanced graphic improvements and Visual Defect Removal.


  • Wedding Venice.jpg
  • Panoramica Ristorante il Pratello
  • Panoramica Ristorante Villa Valenca
  • Panoramiche Innamorati
  • Il-Roccolo-Bedizzole.jpg
  • Foto Sposi Villa
  • Panoramica La Rocca di Lonato

High Quality Graphics.

Our productions include services of making images in panoramic gigantographs and digital compositing inserted later in the wedding album.


  • post produzione, ritocco, wedding
  • Villa Baiana drone
  • Drone, fotografia aerea drone
  • Drone
  • Innamorati Matrimonio Brescia-19.jpg
  • Drone ca del facco.jpg
  • DJI_0038.jpg

Drones shooting in 4k - 6k 

We are passionate about technology and when it takes a step into the future, we at Innamorati Wedding Studio are always ready and able to use it!

We have in our equipment seven professional drones with 4K resolution to make breathtaking and unique shots, thus transforming the classic

"Wedding movie" in a real, authentic contemporary film.
Innaorati had in the 2018 season the opportunity to be
one of the few companies to own 6k raw shooting drones for weddings. 

Photo/Video Equipment

High-level digital SLRs, both Nikon and Canon and Sony and dji, motorized slider, 7 drones and very bright optics in the kit to be able to support up to

4 Weddings in a single day, maintaining in all events the guarantee of the quality that distinguishes us.

A big heterogeneous Team but with a single style, the style of Innamorati.

Each of our photographers is in the field with the best equipment on the market. We do not entrust photographic services to those who cannot give the quality present in our style of work because if in the world there are those who only lend themselves to obtaining, a real creative lends itself to giving.

Safety first 

The guarantee we provide is that each of our products, made for your wedding, will accompany you throughout your life, without degradation and alteration, because
this is the pursuit of Innamorati.
Innamorati Studio has three professional stations for the advanced burning of digital media into M-disc discs, a technology certified and approved by the American Military Defense for a monolith that can last over time (up to 1000 years).

Knowing that our work will remain with you forever
is our greatest satisfaction.



Authoring in Blu Ray!

Talking and experiencing certain emotions we would never want to come to an end.

And that is why in addition to the video we opted for 4 extra services consisting of more content directly on the disc and double Italian and English audio.
Like in a real film finely complete and with a
1000 year warranty with M-disk support.


Our Pride!

The reviews of our customers are the pressing proof
of a work performed to perfection with great commitment of the staff at levels of professional excellence consolidated over years of weddings, unique moments, masterpieces of lives and human stories.

371 Reviews 100% Positive Ratings. 5 stars in every criterion including flexibility, quality, price/quality ratio and again professionalism and response time.
(Record wedding.com Italy - Wedding Photographers)

First place with the golden Wedding Award 2019