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Love Session, Photo before the wedding

The pre-wedding service is included in the photo shoot.

A Pre-Wedding Service with scenes that tell the story of the couple, from a few weeks or even months before the wedding, has a double value and an important role, because:


On the one hand it is a further gift for the spouses to have as many images as possible of their daily life together, an extra chapter to mark on the book of their love. At the same time it is a way to get to know each other, get in tune with the working method, see together the first impressions on the shots, to create and understand path of your desires.


Only after all this is done does it become clear for us of Innamorati to understand what the client wants and how to interact, a fundamental factor in order to be able to live the day of the wedding to the fullest with images, moments and shots that are increasingly spontaneous and of high quality.

Graphic and environmental retouching

There is no situation that cannot be fixed.

  • Digital Retouch.jpg
  • Digital Retouch 2.jpg
  • Due Roccoli Foto Innamorati-2.jpg
  • Due Roccoli Foto Innamorati.jpg
  • Ritocco 2023 A
  • Ritocco 2023
  • prima-e-dopo.jpg
  • prima-e-dopo-2.jpg
  • Restauro
  • Restauro dopo

Innamorati does an accurate graphic study of the image. This particularity, much appreciated by the young couples, has allowed us to develop and learn new color techniques in the realization of the shots, and in certain situations we are able to remove and rebuild environments from zero.
The technique of our study boasts a record of all Italy, developed by the continuous experience and updating in the techniques of the sector, to be able to tell your love story in any shade. Your dream in our view of image conception.


The Color in all its expressions

Different styles for each photograph: Vintage, Dave Hill, Onirici, etc.

Working only on Raw shots, the original format of the photos is in high quality. For us it's possible to work at our best on any image, being able to act on the color as with the change of temperature, recovery of shadows and lights or with the disruption of photography bringing it to high quality levels, new and never obsolete.

Retouching blemishes

Imperfections, temporary anomalies, Innamorati will fix the defects.

  • Ritocco Photoshop 2022.jpg
  • Ritocco Photoshop 2022 B.jpg
  • Inestetismi-2.jpg
  • Inestetismi.jpg
  • esempio ritocco
  • esempio ritocco prima e dopo

Here is an example of the work that our graphic team can do.
Specifically, in these photos, have been removed some skin blemishes and small wrinkles of expression, sometimes real accidents! At
Innamorati we deal with quality guarantees without any surcharge.

Reportage or posed photos

Posed and natural photos, we explain the concept that haunts the spouses.

fofoto in posa
foto in posa

Imagine the bride and groom in a garden, embraced firm as in a painting, directed in every movement by the photographer, here, this is the classic type of a photo posing.
In this type of shot the sensitivity of the photographer is not necessary to portray the bride and groom.


In the reportage photographic style, our strong point, the photographer aims to portray feelings and to transmit memories as truthful as possible. Only in this way, with your wedding album, you can relive the emotions of that magical day.