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Structure and color, tools and technology.

  • sposo, foto matrimonio, colore naturale
  • sposo, foto matrimonio, ritocco, colore video
  • Foto sposa, colore naturale
  • Foto sposa, ritocco, colore video
  • sposi, innamorati, natural color
  • sposi, fotoritocco, innamorati, wedding
  • Foto sposi, wedding, colore elaborato
  • Foto sposi, ritocco, wedding, colore video
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  • Foto sposi, colore naturale, wedding
  • Foto sposi, ritocco, colore video, wedding

(Frames of video)

4K  Drone aerial shooting

New forms of framing, landscapes and unique shots!

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From Innamorati we have always investigated with curiosity and attention to new forms of expression of photography and video shooting, so the arrival of drone shooting has immediately led us to the discovery of the endless possibilities in its use. Thanks to our training we are able to combine harmoniously, images from the ground and aerial shots, for the film of your wedding from a new original and exciting perspective.


Try the image: the entrance of the bride in the Church, the launch of rice, the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception and all those fundamental moments of your wedding shot from above to give you new glimpses and destined to remain sculpted in the memory.


1000 years security with M-disc

Eternity is priceless

Turn your digital memories into permanent archives, M-Disc is made from a "stone-like" material Designed and certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.


M-Discs were designed and built for the U.S. Army, who was looking forreliable storage media over time. Milleniata's products were the only ones to come out unscathed from the toughest tests, and to show completely undamaged data.

Different styles of color

Vintage effects, dreamy, color print film and Dave Hill.

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In the era of computer graphics and image manipulation, the Innamorati studio can offer you a unique service of personalized color choice to create the perfect shape for each personal and unique style of the spouses with natural, dreamlike and vintage colors.

More than a movie

Dedicated cinema-quality authoring! Not the USB!

The classic modus-operandi of the visual studios specializing in weddings to offer the service of delivering the wedding film on a USB stick, with a montage that is usually around 10-15 minutes.

We at Innamorati offer complete services with video montages of 25 minutes, combined with 4 extra video clips always edited for a total of 50 minutes with the addition of an exciting trailer, all within the m-disc of the duration of 1000 years that we will deliver. To provide an even more complete service we offer to all the spouses who choose us also the option of double audio for a complete Wedding film with two optional soundtracks . 

Post-Production video

The definition for your wedding video.

  • Video Matrimoniale
  • Innamorati Wdding Studio
  • Color Correction, Video Matrimonio
  • Preventivo Video Matrimoniale
  • Video Matrimonio
  • Video Matrimoniale Innamorati Wedding Studio

Thanks to the latest hardware and software technologies we are able to make an image from lifeless, flat and characterless to a new visual scenery, thanks to the hdr level with correction and the addition of professional and high quality visual effects and twenty years post production experience.

State of the art instrumentation

The Best guarantee and use of quality.

In our photographic studio we have always been very careful about the quality of our products and therefore the tools we use We are always updating in professional and up-to-date instrumentation.

We have the best brands and technologies available to adapt to all kinds of needs, including the instrumentation:

Canon, Nikon, Crane and Manfrotto 3 sliders, 7 Drones including one with 6k

and also scenography tools such as professional lights, smoke machine, snow machine or bubbles that are just some of our working tools that we provide to make every wedding unique and special.